Alpha Smart Bit – 8G



Timber Decking?Drill & Countersink #8
8G (4.5mm) flat head decking screws

Professional clean finish; the ultimate all-in-one, single drilling & countersink tool for timber decking

Ideal for: Timber decking (hardwood & composite materials & woodworking


  • Tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) countersink for clean cutting & 3 times life
  • Parabolic high-speed steel (HSS) drill bit with improved chip extraction, allows for increased feed rates & shorter cycle times
  • Adjustable countersink depth suitable for flush mounting & deep enough to accommodate a plug
  • Free-spinning stop collar with rubber o-ring protects the work surface from marks and scratches
    • When the collar stops spinning the hole is complete
  • Anti-clog design improves visibility & debris removal

Also available to suit flat head decking screws: 10G, 12G & 14G

  • Parabolic drill bit: 3.2mm dia?(replacement code: DCRD0320-5)
  • Countersink: 6.6mm dia – 60 degree angle – 2 flutes
  • Shank: 1/4in quick change
  • Overall hole depth: 30mm