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The best thing to happen to timber since LVL. E10 is an LVL product produced to be lighter than LVL and at a comparable price to pine framing.
Idea for:
? Premium homes
? Large tiled walls
? Long walls eg hallways and large living areas
? When you need lengths longer than 6.0, eg rafters or floor plates.
Saves time straightening out walls and no more excuses from the tiler and plasterer about walls not being straight. Stand out from your competition, as you?ll be the only quote with and LVL frame at a pine price.
You may not choose to do the whole job in E10, but for those areas you need to be dead straight it?s a must. Try E10 on part of your next job, you?ll never go back. Call us on 02 9171 8899 or come in for a sample.
Lengths: 2700mm, 3000mm, 3600mm, 4800mm, 5400mm, 6000mm, 7200mm, 8400mm, & 9,600mm
Sections: 90×45, 140x45mm, 190x45mm, 240x45mm, 290x45mm
Limitations – E10 is not a replacement for LVL Beams it?s a superior alternative to pine framing timber. LVL Beams and I Beam joists should be used as normally specified.

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