The best thing to happen to timber since LVL. E10 is an LVL product produced to be lighter than LVL and at a comparable price to pine framing.

Ideal for:
• Premium homes
• Large tiled walls
• Long walls eg hallways and large living areas
• When you need lengths longer than 6.0, eg rafters or floor plates.
Saves time straightening out walls and no more excuses from the tiler and plasterer about walls not being straight. Stand out from your competition, as you’ll be the only quote with and LVL frame at a pine price.

Limitations - E10 is not a replacement for LVL Beams it’s a superior alternative to pine framing timber. LVL Beams and I Beam joists should be used as normally specified.

E10 LVL Framing: The Next Evolution in Timber Framing

When we talk about innovation in the timber industry, the E10 LVL framing is the buzzword everyone is talking about. The traditional LVL framing revolutionised the way we approached construction, and now, E10 is here to take that legacy further.

What is E10 LVL Framing?

E10 LVL is a ground-breaking product in the timber industry. While traditional LVL, or Laminated Veneer Lumber, had already set high standards in terms of strength and stability, E10 LVL framing brings with it the promise of lighter weight without compromising on that hallmark strength. What's more enticing? It's priced comparably to pine framing, making it an attractive choice for various construction projects.

Why Choose E10 LVL Framing?

There are a plethora of reasons why E10 LVL framing is becoming the first choice of builders, architects, and homeowners alike:

  • Ideal for Premium Projects: With its superior quality and durability, E10 LVL is perfect for premium homes that boast of elegance and long-lasting strength.
  • Versatility in Application: Whether it's long walls in hallways, large living areas, or massive tiled walls, E10 LVL framing is the preferred choice.
  • Extended Lengths: When your construction demands lengths longer than 6.0m, such as rafters or floor plates, E10 LVL stands out.
  • Precision and Straightness: Say goodbye to the hassle of straightening out walls. With E10 LVL, expect perfect alignment, eliminating complaints from tilers and plasterers.
  • Competitive Advantage: Offering an LVL frame at the price of pine? This is sure to make you stand out in any bidding process, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Understanding the Limitations

While E10 LVL framing is an impressive product, it's essential to understand its limitations to use it effectively. Though it serves as an excellent alternative to pine framing timber, it shouldn't be mistaken as a replacement for traditional LVL beams. For structures where LVL beams and I Beam joists are typically specified, it's recommended to continue using them.

With the continuous advancements in the timber industry, products like E10 LVL framing are changing the game. They not only provide builders with more efficient and cost-effective solutions but also promise homeowners structures of unparalleled quality and durability. Dive into the future of framing with E10 LVL – where innovation meets tradition.

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