Unveiling the Advantages of E10 LVL: A Breakthrough in Structural Engineering

Advantages of E10 LVL: A Breakthrough in Structural Engineering

A key advancement in the construction industry that continues to grow in popularity is E10 framing LVL. This is a cutting-edge wood product that is specifically engineered to give the highest level of performance when used in construction projects. But what exactly is E10 LVL, and why is it considered superior in various applications? In this blog, we’ll examine E10 LVL and explore the reasons behind its growing popularity in the construction industry.

E10 framing LVL – Cost & Advantages

Firstly, E10 framing LVL is almost half the price of the more commonly known E13 LVL beams.

In the past, to frame double height walls, large tiled areas or long corridors, where your line is easily sighted, you had to use LVL E13 to get a truly straight line. LVL does a great job but is almost twice the cost of traditional pine timber framing.

Our E10 LVL product has changed all of that. At almost half the price of E13 LVL, it has several advantages over the pine framing, such as:

  • Faster, straighter and stronger to work with
  • Less defects on site, saving critical time
  • Comes in long lengths up 9.6m.
  • Is available in the same sections as traditional pine, for example eg 90x45mm, 140x45mm & 190x45mm.

Understanding E10 LVL and How It Is Made

The name can be broken down into two parts; E10 refers to the strength rating and LVL stands for Laminated Veneer Lumber. Representing a significant leap forward in engineered wood products. The production process begins by carefully selecting thin wood veneers to ensure uniformity in thickness and quality.

The veneers are then coated with specialised adhesives to enhance bonding strength. The adhesive-coated veneers are then stacked together, and the assembly undergoes a pressing process to facilitate the chemical bonding between layers. Next, the stacked veneers are subjected to controlled heat and pressure to allow the adhesive to cure. The result is a strong, durable, and versatile product that has become a preferred choice for builders and architects alike.

What Are the Key Advantages of E10 LVL

Strength and Stability

E10 LVL boasts exceptional strength and stability, making it an ideal choice for load-bearing applications in construction. The layering process ensures uniformity and consistency in the material’s strength and provides reliable performance in various structural elements.

Versatility in Design

The engineered nature of E10 LVL allows for customisation and adaptability in design. It can be easily cut and shaped to meet specific project requirements, making it a versatile option for numerous applications, from beams and headers to columns and joists.

Dimensional Stability

E10 LVL exhibits minimal warping, twisting, or shrinking unlike traditional timber. This dimensional stability ensures that structures maintain their integrity over time, reducing the defects that are common when using traditional pine timber.


E10 LVL is often sourced from fast-growing and renewable wood species, contributing to the product’s sustainability. Additionally, the manufacturing process minimises waste, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious builders.

Consistent Quality

The manufacturing process of E10 LVL involves stringent quality control measures to ensure that each piece meets specific standards. This consistency in quality results in predictable performance, providing peace of mind to builders and architects.

Invest in E10 LVL With Onsite Timber

E10 LVL represents a groundbreaking development in the field of engineered wood products. Its strength, versatility, dimensional stability, sustainability, consistent quality, and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred choice for modern construction projects.

At Onsite Timber, we offer a range of E10 LVL solutions designed specifically for framing. All our LVL framing products promise laser straightness and are particularly effective for framing projects requiring lengthier pieces of timber.

Contact Onsite Timber today to enquire about our E10 LVL framing range or our other building supplies in Sydney. See why we are trusted by so many framing carpenters for quality timber supplies delivered all around Sydney and beyond.

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